Valutazione economica di tecniche chirurgiche per il trattamento delle emorroidi: confronto Longo/PPH vs. Milligan Morgan

Autori: Giorgio L. Colombo, Mauro Caruggi, Sergio Di Matteo, Federica Sbrocca

The most conventional surgical method utilized for hemorrhoidectomy are the stapled Longo procedure and the Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy. Both of the procedure are efficacy nevertheless the Longo procedure is a simple, safe, and effective method that entails less postoperative pain, more satisfaction, and shorter hospital stay than the standard Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy. The Longo procedure comes currently used in Italy in 51% of the cases (on approximately 40.000 surgical participations estimates every year). Objective of the present analysis is to confront from the economic point of view the costs and the benefits of the two surgical techniques. They have been estimated the all in costs, to level social hospital worker and the benefits on the patient and the society of the surgical procedure Longo PPH regarding the surgical therapy standard MM. From the lead analysis, the Longo technique involves an median increment of the costs hospitals worker of 375 € (1105 € vs. 730 €); in case the indirect costs are considered also the Longo technique, concurs one reduction of approximately 9 days of absence from the job from the patient (8,15 vs. 17,45 days), generating a total median saving of approximately 915 €. Estimating not only the mere cost of the procedure, but the benefits and the consumption of total resources, the Longo technique sure represents the better cure and more economic to the hemorroidal diseases.


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