Ricerca per la prevenzione dei decessi da rottura dell’aneurisma aortico addominale in Lombardia

Autori: P. Botta, A. Brocchieri, F. Callida, S. Di Matteo, M. Milano Donati, A. Sferruzza, F. Stefanini

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm is not of frequent occurrence, though it can’t be defined rare. It affects mainly male adults aged 60 to 80. With no doubt is Ultrasonography the most reliable and less expensive method to evaluate the Abdominal aorta, being therefore the most appropriate as screening method. Following this observation the project is born, whose aim is to examine the feasibility and the local results of the screening, which could in case involve the entire Region Lombardia. Between July 2005 and February 2006, 900 male adults aged 60 or more were screened – onetime screening by ultrasonography – by ten panel doctors endowed with ultrasonographe. Patients with AAA were all sent for pre-surgical visit and some of them already underwent repair.

The objective of the present project is to be a pilot experience in Italy in the prevention of (AAA rupture death) AAA specific mortality and stresses (reveals), for a 5 years follow-up, an estimated incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for LYS of € 9.851.


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