Burden of allergic rhinitis in Italy: findings of the ARTE study

Autori: Giulio Serra, Marta Vinci, Mauro Caruggi


Patients with allergic rhinitis experience both physical discomfort and detrimental effects on the psychological and social aspects of their own lives that involve direct and indirect costs.

Aim of the study

An economic analysis was conducted to evaluate the cost of allergic rhinitis from society’s point of view, estimating resource consumption and loss of productivity. Costs for pharmacological treatment, specific immunotherapy, diagnostic tests, medical visits, rhinoplasty, Patients’ and Caregivers’ loss of production were also evaluated.


Two hundred eighty-one Specialists (allergists, dermatologists, paediatricians, ENT Specialists and pneumologists) recruited 5558 Patients. Data are aggregated according the type of allergic rhinitis (Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis – SAR, Perennial Allergic Rhinitis – PAR, or SAR plus PAR), and disease severity (expressed as rhinitis alone, rhinitis+asthma, rhinitis+other disease).


The mean total cost of SAR was € 172.29, ranging from € 166.22 to € 203.9 (p<0.001) according severity. PAR Patients’ total mean cost was € 236.67 (€ 216.59 – € 272.66, p<0.001) PAR+SAR Patients had the highest mean total cost: € 269.94, ranging from € 244.96 to € 295.42 (p<0.001).


Perennial allergy and association with asthma clearly contribute to increase costs for treating rhinitis. This study provided evidence concerning the importance of this issue investigating the role of allergic rhinitis in Italy.


Allergic rhinitis, cost of illness, direct cost.

**ARTE: Allergic Rhinitis Tele-application Study


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