An integrated approach with bovine colostrum and vitamins improving IBS-D care parameters: a case series

Autori: Antonio Romano, Luigi Alberto Marrari, Sergio Di Matteo, Giacomo M. Bruno


Bovine colostrum is full of growth factors and is classified as a health food supplement. The aim of this data collection, referred to a patients population, was to describe the clinical response after taking food supplement consisting of bovine colostrum, Vitamins C, D, E and A.


Out of a total of 430 patients suffering from IBS-D with leaky gut syndrome, 36 with serum zonulin ≥38 ng/ml and initial value of fecal calprotectin ≤50 μg/g have taken IMOpro COLOSTRUM Plus® for 30 days and were considered in the present observation.


In this case series, among 36 patients were observed a statistically significant reductions zonulin levels (112.1 ng/ml was reduced to 45.7 ng/ml), BCS value (from 6.06 to 5) and VAS value (from 7.64 to 4.58).


The complex interaction between host factors in IBS-D, such as microbial dysbiosis, immune activation, impaired intestinal epithelial barrier function and motility, can be modulated by integrating different therapeutic strategies, such as bovine colostrum enriched with fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.


Bovine colostrum, vitamins, IBS-D.


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