Clinico Economics Germany is a peer-reviewed journal for pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. The journal is dealing with topics on health economic issues of new therapies and health policy with a focus on the German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH countries).

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The journal aims to provide high-quality publications of (current) health economic analyzes with relevance in the D-A-CH countries as soon as possible for free, non-commercial use. For this purpose, a process has been developed that provides a quick, though high quality, assessment in order to ensure a timely publication.


Why publishing in this journal?

  • The journal German Journal of Clinical Economics guarantees a high-quality assessment which is carried out and guaranteed by the Editorial Board. In addition, depending on the topic, guest reviewers with specific expertise are also included. The Editorial Board is composed of recognized scientists, physicians, representatives of health insurance funds and the industry as well as experts of service providers. The aim is to ensure the widest possible coverage of the care reality and the highest possible transparency in the assessment.
  • The publishers have developed a process that provides a quick process for the review to ensure a timely publication. The processing time between submission and decision to publish is based on the average time of the Journal of ClinicoEconomics (average processing time: 3-4 weeks).
  • High-quality publications are made available as soon as possible for free, non-commercial use in this journal. In order to be able to offer the publication to the reader free of charge, a publication fee per article is required to cover the publisher and production costs. For commercial use, the articles can also be obtained on special terms (see publication fees).


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Dr. Stefan Walzer


Chief Managing Editor

Katharina Kolbe


Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. York Zöllner

Dr. Helge Schumacher

Björn Schwander

Dr. Sebastian Casu

Dr. Elvira Müller

Dr. Victoria Tomantschger

Dominik Nusser

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hammerschmidt Gerd Gottschalk

Dr. Jan Helfrich


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